Before You Buy

If you're ready to try essential oils and want the best, then you're in the right place.  Hands down, doTERRA oils are the purest and highest quality you can get.  If you've used essential oils by any other brand and buy the same kind from doTERRA, you will smell the difference the second you open the bottle.  So let's get you started (I'm going to give you some pretty detailed instructions below, in case you're like me and not super tech-savvy). 

A few things to consider:

Just to be up front right now - there is no obligation or minimum order ever.  EVER.  You can buy one thing or buy stuff every month.  And even with a wholesale account membership, which you'll see next, there are still never, ever any requirements to order as a customer.  I swear.

When buying anything from doTERRA, you have the option of paying retail or wholesale.  Seriously.  Not sure why anyone would voluntarily choose to pay more, but to each their own, right?  The wholesale prices are 25% less than retail, and opening a wholesale account is sort of like shopping at Costco.  Pay $35 and get wholesale prices on anything and everything for a year.  Renewal is $25 (and you get a free bottle of peppermint oil, which is $27 retail, so you're definitely getting the better end of the bargain here).  Obviously, I always recommend opening a wholesale account.   There are even more benefits to having a wholesale account, like being eligible for the free Product of the Month and the ability to earn back points that you can use for free product anytime you want!  But for now, we'll just stick with the basics, and I promise that opening a wholesale account is the way to go.

You can buy anything you want individually, but doTERRA also offers a selection of Enrollment Kits, which are just more bang for your buck.  Like if you go to a cosmetics counter and they're having a special where they've bundled some products together for a better price than if you bought them a la carte.  Plus, the $35 fee is waived with these kits.  It's very possible that what you want to buy may already be assembled in a kit, so it's worth checking them out here.  I'm also happy to chat with you to help you decide what works best for you so you get the best value.

Feel free to browse around in the Shop tab on my online store, but just keep in mind that those prices are retail.  Assuming you're as smart as I think you are, you're going to buy wholesale, so remember you'll be paying 25% less.

It's time!

Ok, so you're ready.  First go right to my online store.  Once there, go to the Join & Save tab.  Click the green Join doTERRA button on the bottom right, and choose your language on the next page.  Once you click continue, you'll be given the option to choose wholesale customer or wellness advocate - if you just want the perk of a wholesale account as a customer, choose wholesale customer.  If you're hoping to grow a business and want to make some money through doTERRA, choose wellness advocate.  And if you ever want to change the type of account you have, you can, and it doesn't cost anything.  

On the next page, you'll fill out your shipping and contact info.  There will be a section in the middle of the page for your Enroller  and Sponsor ID.  That's me, and my ID number should already be there in both spots, but if it's not, the number is 603759.   You'll also choose your time zone and create a password for your account.

Next you're on the shopping cart page.  If you're buying an enrollment kit, you can scroll through the options across the top to find the one you want and add it to your cart.  If you're buying products individually, scroll across the top to "Introductory Packet" and add that to your cart.  Now everything you buy will be at wholesale cost.  Type in the names of the products and/or oils you want to add to your cart.  Choose your preferred shipping method and continue.  Enter your payment info on the next page and voila!  In less than a week, you're going to have all of this amazing stuff!

Last but not least...

There's an optional Loyalty Rewards Program you can set up for yourself, which is basically doTERRA's frequent flyer program.  This is where you can earn back points for every purchase you make, and you can then use those points anytime you want to "buy" free stuff.  I get back 30% of every order I place in free product credit, plus I'm getting 25% off everything with wholesale prices, so I'm pretty much gaming the system and loving it.  And you can, too!   Just ask me how!

Any questions?

Well don't just sit there - ask me!