Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

Picking up awesome, affordable products that actually work is a beautiful thing.  While I do love some stuff that can’t be found at the local drugstore, there are plenty of great steals that are effective without breaking the bank.  I’ve rounded up my top 6 faves:

drugstore buys

1) Almay Eye makeup Remover Pads: hands down, the best eye makeup remover I’ve used.  I’ve tried lots of more expensive brands, but always come back to this.  You don’t need a cotton ball, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, plus it even removes waterproof mascara!

2) L’Oreal Liquid Eyeliner: so I’m not actually a huge fan of liquid eyeliner in general, but I’ve been using this one for YEARS.  Let me explain – usually when I see liquid eyeliner, it looks extremely thick and is a statement I’m not trying to make.  The great thing about this is that it’s kind of like a felt tip marker, so it’s super easy to use.  And it doesn’t come out really dark or thick, so it gives you a beautiful clean line with basically no effort.  Totally worth trying.

3) StriVectin Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles: so many eye creams out there, so little time.  I’ve spend countless hours (and dollars) on a zillion different eye creams and serums to erase the dark circle sand the telltale signs of aging.  Truth is, there’s only so much that can actually be done – if you really want to hide the bad stuff, you just need a great concealer.  But, this eye cream really does help the appearance of fine lines and circles, plus helps keep the skin tight.

4) Essie Nail Polish: not sure how much I really have to add here…it’s in every nail salon across the country, and there’s a good reason for it.  The color range is never-ending, it’s affordable and excellent quality.  Right now, the glitters are my obsession.

5) Big Sexy Hair: ok, full disclosure, whether I use this dry shampoo or not, I don’t think anyone would ever legitimately say that I have big, sexy hair.  However, in the world of dry shampoos, this one is amazing and smells great.  Just give it a sec after spraying it on to let it be absorbed, and then use your fingers to massage it into the roots and near your temples (where mine always gets the greasiest).

6) Listerine Pocket Mist: I will go to the grave saying you can never be beautiful without fresh breath, so this is one of my all-time must-have necessities.  You can use breath strips, mints or gum, but this spray (reminiscent of 80-era Binanca) beats everything else. One or two quick squirts and you’re set!

What are your favorite drugstore beauty buys?

Jess xo


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