5 Awesome Essential Oils for Gorgeous Skin


So this $72 million Johnson & Johnson baby powder verdict, huh?  While it’s huge and shocking, it’s also really not that surprising.  I mean, you had to know that it was only really a matter of time before we’d find out that our beloved baby powder would be yet another toxic item that can kill us.

I don’t know about you, but I really haven’t been one of those people who checks all the ingredients in the products I use.  I am not one that’s trying to reduce toxins at home.  I’m the one who pores over beauty magazines and spends hours at Sephora perusing the shelves for the latest and greatest product that’s going to make me fabulously gorgeous and therefore change my life. Toxins included.

So here’s a funny turn of events…in my quest for eternal youth (which by the way, some may say I’m winning, as I’m often told I look way younger than I am), I inadvertently started using essential oils (commonly referred to as EO’s) in my skincare regime.  And guess what?  I’ve never gotten more comments and compliments on my skin.  So could it be that natural and holistic remedies really are the best?

Full disclosure: my sister is the one who introduced me to essential oils.  She is one of those people who lives a really healthy lifestyle out west: vegan, master Pilates & yoga instructor, competitive triathlete.  You get the idea.  Unlike me. I’m the one who was living the complete opposite lifestyle in NYC.  Fast-food on the go, rarely exercising, crazy high-pressure job as a TV producer working insane hours, raising two kids as a generally harried divorced mom, and basically running as fast as I could in the rat race.

But as I started slowly – VERY slowly – trying out her oils, I was seeing results that just couldn’t be denied.  While I hated to admit that my earth-mama Grateful Dead-loving sister might be right about these things, I was secretly really enjoying them!

Fast forward several years and here I am today.  I’ve come to love and use essential oils so much, in all aspects of my life – both beauty and health, that I have quit my 20+ year career in TV, and have joined my sister in teaching others about the uses and benefits of essential oils.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But don’t knock it til you try it.   Here are the top 5 EO’s to use to get glowing skin:

1) Frankincense:

frankincense flowerfrankincense resin


Now some of you may recall that this is one of the gifts given by the magi to Jesus.  They were gold, Frankincense and Myrhh (another EO). I t is true, that many consider Frankincense the mother of all oils, and that it has dozens of other health benefits.  But it’s also an absolutely amazing oil for your skin because of its anti-aging property, which supports regeneration of new cells and their growth.  This helps tighten sagging skin, which in turn reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet.  Bonus, it also naturally fights blemishes, and helps visibly reduce marks and scars. Frankincense (along with the other oils below) is best used diluted with a carrier oil (like Fractionated Coconut Oil), to avoid skin sensitivities.  Use it daily and you’ll be amazed by the results.

2) Melaleuca:

Melaleuca flower 2


Never heard of it?  Well, have you heard of tea tree oil?  Yeah, same thing.  So you may already know it’s great for oily skin, for anyone suffering from breakouts and for those with sensitive skin.  It contains purifying properties, so think of it as a natural astringent, without harsh side effects like extreme redness or dryness.  It also gently cleanses and soothes skin.


3) Myrrh:

myrrh flowermyrrh resin3

Is it a coincidence that TWO of the gifts by the magi are on this list of the best essential oils for your skin?  I think not.  This oil helps restore elasticity to your skin tissue and restores aging skin, thereby reducing wrinkles.  It also improves the texture and tone of your skin, and helps with blemishes and sun exposure.  Who doesn’t want that?


4) Lavender:

lavender 1

You’ve likely heard that Lavender is a calming oil, and the beauty of essential oils is their multi-functional use.  You can use one oil for such a huge range of issues, which is fantastic when you realize the cost benefits.  Anyway, this oil contains cleansing, regenerative and calming qualities, and happens to be one of the best oils for breakouts, as it gets right to the root of the cause. Combine that with it’s calming properties, and it’s easy to see why it promotes gorgeous, glowing skin.


5) Lemongrass:

lemongrass 1

In addition to the wonderful scent (I often use it in a diffuser in my home), this oil is both regenerative and detoxifying.  It can be used to help minimize pores as an astringent, which leads to an even more beautiful complexion.

So if you happen to be looking for some non-toxic, natural and beneficial ways to boost your beauty, you may want to try these.  And even if you aren’t necessarily looking for non-toxic, natural options, you still may want to try these.   Like a lot of women, I am looking for the best way for the stress of my life NOT to show on my face, and you may also be pleased with the results.

Jess xo

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